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Introduction of the structure and principle of high pressure cleaning machine gun


People to drop gives energy to strike the much larger than the free fall motion, can in an instant to complete the perseverance to observed the phenomenon of Constant dropping wears away a stone. A high speed water jet, which is emitted from the small mouth, can be used in the material, which can be used for cleaning, stripping and cutting the material. The performance of the liquid is to develop a new way of "water operation", and the kinetic energy of the water jet is turned into mechanical energy of the material. Water jet from the nozzle out the formation of different shapes of high speed water beam, jet flow rate is determined to nozzle export section before and after the pressure drop. Water jet is a form of energy transformation and application.

High pressure spray gun is the executive body of high pressure cleaning machine, and it is an important part of high pressure cleaning machine. The spray gun comprises a control valve (two bit two pass) and a nozzle two part, and a high pressure water enters the spray gun, and the middle of the throttle valve core is connected with the middle of the throttling hole into the back cavity of the valve core. High pressure backflow to strengthen the spring force on the valve spool of the seal pressure. When the pilot valve to reduce the building force, high pressure water will open the pilot valve, return to the low pressure chamber unloading, while the relief valve due to the loss of pressure to open, all high pressure water basically overflow the channel, the pump will run; otherwise, when the pilot valve spring force, and re established back pressure to ensure that the valve closed, high pressure water directly to the nozzle to form a jet.< /p>

The pressure loss caused by high pressure water flow in the high-pressure spray gun is very large, and the maximum pressure loss can be accounted for 60% of the total pressure loss of the high-pressure cleaning machine. The high-pressure spray gun is mainly composed of a nozzle, a spray head and a hand held spray gun, which is a direct working mechanism of a high pressure cleaning machine. And the nozzle is the high pressure water pressure can be directly turned into the core component of the speed of crushing and scaling things, its performance and quality of the high pressure cleaning machine cleaning efficiency. So, the quality of the spray gun is the most important problem of high pressure cleaning machine. Its design should follow the following three principles:

1, to ensure that the high pressure pump in the rated pressure, flow and power of the work.
2. The design of the nozzle hole ensures that the high pressure water jet has high density, cluster and striking efficiency.
3, the nozzle must have high processing precision and long service life.

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