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Introduction to the structure of high pressure cleaning machine


Introduction of structure classification of high pressure cleaning machine:
The high-pressure cleaning machine is mainly composed of a high-pressure pump, a safety valve, a pressure regulating valve, a foot pedal control valve (foot valve), a high-pressure spray gun, a high-pressure nozzle, a power part, a high pressure pipeline, a transmission device, a pressure gauge and other components.
One, high pressure pump is the core component of high-pressure cleaning machine, it is the role of ordinary water into high pressure and low flow rate of water, and high pressure water through the high-pressure pipeline to the high-pressure spray gun or high-pressure nozzle.
Two, the role of safety valve safety valve is when the pressure of the high-pressure pump more than a predetermined value, the valve open, so as to play the role of pressure relief.
Three, pressure regulating valve is generally installed in the discharge end of the high-pressure pump, its role is mainly by virtue of the control bypass flow to achieve automatic expansion of high-pressure cleaning machine work purposes. When the system pressure exceeds the preset value, the valve will be partially open. The higher the valve opening process, the more water bypass, the higher the flow of high-pressure nozzle. The overflow of the water by the valve can be directly returned to the pump or pre tank. Pressure regulating valve can be divided into zero pressure regulating valve and non return zero pressure regulating valve two. Zero pressure regulating valve is closed after the gun pump to pressure regulating valve between the high pressure pipeline pressure is zero, the valve to high-pressure water gun between the high pressure pipeline pressure is kept at a high pressure. Non return to zero pressure regulating valve is closed, the high-pressure water pump to the gun between the high pressure pipeline is still full of high pressure. Now most of the use of zero pressure regulator valve. Control forms can be divided into two types of manual and pneumatic.
Fourth, pedal control valve foot valve pedal control valve similar to the two types of high-pressure water gun, its characteristics is operator can use foot movement to control pressure nozzle or nozzles.
Five, high pressure gun high-pressure spray gun through the high pressure pipe assembly is connected to the high pressure pump discharge end, is a more common implementation.
Six, high pressure sprinkler
The high-pressure nozzle is a component which is built with one or more nozzles to form a high pressure cleaning machine. The high pressure nozzle limits the flow area of the water, accelerates the flow rate and forms the required shape of the jet. High pressure nozzles and high-pressure nozzles are a large family, and it is also one of the key research of high pressure cleaning machine.
Seven, the power plant high pressure cleaning machine power plant is generally composed of motor, diesel or gasoline engine, power unit and high pressure pump connection, mainly for the high pressure pump to provide the necessary power.
Eight, high pressure pipeline is an important part of high pressure cleaning machine, the main function is to transport high pressure water into the high-pressure spray gun or high-pressure nozzle, generally divided into two kinds of hard tube and hose.
Nine, the transmission device of the transmission device is the power of the power transmission to the high pressure pump, which generates the driving force.

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