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Manual liquid pump sprayer


Manual liquid pump sprayer is mainly composed of a liquid tank, a piston pump, an electric sprayer air chamber and a spraying component (Figure 1, 10). Sprayer kit made eye shape, behind the back, it is known as the manual knapsack sprayer.

When working, the operator uses the hand of the hand to hand the pressure rod to make the liquid pump piston move up and down in the cylinder. When the piston upward, the cylinder cavity, forming a partial vacuum, liquid medicine in the role of pressure difference flushes the water inlet ball reading is absorbed into the cylinder; when the piston downward, the liquid inside the cylinder to increase its pressure, under the action of the pressure, the water outlet valve is opened, liquid by the side of the water into empty air chamber. When the switch of the spraying component is opened, the liquid with a certain pressure is sprayed out from the spray head. The role of the air chamber is to make the solution of uniform and grab the pressure.

(II) pump type sprayer it with a liquid pump type sprayer different point is its direct to the liquid pressure, but installed in liquid by beating the air pump air pressure upper part of people airtight cabinet (box liquid only added to the water line, set aside a part of space). The liquid is sprayed out from the spray head by using the pressure of the air to the liquid level. The working principle of the pump and pump the same daily use. Spray pump pressure can reach 392~588kPa. It has the advantages of labor-saving operation, the two pump (piston stroke for training) nun about cheer a 30 to 40 times) can spray a liquid medicine barrel (about SL).

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