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General structure and use of sprayer


In terms of its working function, the electric sprayer is more than a pressure pump to make the liquid through the liquid pipe to spray out from the nozzle, and is in a state of atomization. So all sprayer in constructing C prepared B., although the size and complexity of forest different, but generally with GT liquid, filter, mixer, liquid pump, F9, air chamber, liquid pipe, dusting and nozzle.

In this part, the structure and function of each part are as follows:

(a) hope liquid is u liquid is ri deposit liquid medicine, hand-held and back feed sprayer hope accumulator box not only with leek soup fine chamber gas pressure. The RJ liquid device of the miniature sprayer is made of brass or round material. The hope liquid device of the large spray machine is made of the phase plate, and the inner coating inhibitor is coated with a protective coating. General hand sweat Temple fishing I liter; knapsack 12-14 liters; liters animal 150-40D, tractor type has up to 900 litres, looking forward to the shape of the liquid is mostly cylindrical or oval, most looking forward to tuck the liquid filling mouth are equipped with a filter, in leek with a mixer.

(II) filter to prevent debris into the liquid is hope, in order to guarantee the normal work of the live Yin nozzle, filter were made mostly of by tick forest or Hu hole plate, so resistant to rot contact force child, aperture size should be less than the diameter of the million, the general filter aperture is 0.6 - 0.9 mm. No ill] filtering effect is small, easy to cause the nozzle to occur m plug.

(three) the mixer has the function of the continuous mixer in the liquid medicine to prevent precipitation or separation of liquid medicine, to ensure the uniformity of the concentration of the whistle fog, the mixer has pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical and other three kinds. The former two are the solution itself or compressed air through a certain channel F-R into the solution, so that it has stirred the continent at first glance J, but the two are not mixing efficiency dogs, only seven of the small sprayer, and the new type of large sprayer, multi probe with mechanical. Figure 3-73 shows several mechanical stirring zhashui. Two kinds of shape can be divided into kinds of roughness and bending. The stirring piece is usually rectangular, single or in pairs he installed on the shaft, the installation leaves can be a certain angle with the A, as shown in figure C19, or drawn parallel as shown in B diagram, bending and stirring to advise the pieces are installed in pairs on the axis, the edge of the blade angle as shown in Figure C. Paired agitation of the 100-180 spike per minute of the speed of rotation of the village of ill, a single 15-50 per minute, the speed of the swing, spines, or the speed of the swing is too high too low will affect the uniformity of liquid.

(IV) pressure pump pressure pump is pa mist ": heavy play parts and its function for pumping liquid or gas monitoring, generally explore the plunger with Qi and Yin type two kinds, in application of the column most widely, h in the large noise of mist eliminator are exploration for, which is commonly used in in small sprayer and mayonnaise on two points far as follows: 1 plunger pumps this pump can be classified as curtain moving type and double type two. The pump barrel installation position can be divided into teams and vertical, when working, the plunger in the cylinder for live sports complex, but the plunger is not in contact with the cylinder wall, superior in the plunger and the pump Jane Jane to Yang hydrosphere to prevent water leakage. As shown in figure 3-74 for a single action plunger pump, when the column worthy 8 rose leaves on the lower part of the hollow hall * low-voltage stem is hope for liquid in 11 * pneumatic compression liquid flushes into liquid live 9-yin into the lower part of the piston is empty Jane, then drain Yin live 8 to Guan Yin. Vice when plunger 3 under, liquid inlet live Yin, pressed close Yin and exhaust live Yin 8 to open and liquid to degenerate pump the into the chamber 7, pedestrian discharge pipe 6 and cough.

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